His Holiness Sri Svami Purna Maharaj

 In this world we are experiencing an age when the search for truth, reverence for life, the ideal of non-attachment and readiness to serve without regard for personal advancement seem elusive, if not forgotten. True teachers and communicators appear from time to time - they are recognized by the way in which they live. Through their example they show others how they may live.  The unique qualities, qualifications and living experience of His Holiness Sri Svami R.Anand Giri Purna, Acarya Mahamandalesvara (Dr Svami Purna) provide the knowledge and true insight that is becoming increasingly rare in today's world. His knowledge encompasses a spectrum of learning: a Master of Vedic Science, He is also a Doctor of Medicine, Psychology, Philosophy and Literature.    His teachings are based on the traditional Vedantic philosophy that embraces an understanding of Sanskrit, the Vedic texts, Ayurvedic health tradition, meditation and the practice of yoga as part of everyday life. Svamiji’s method and style are so easy to understand because of their accessibility and clarity. He blends his teachings on spirituality, compassion, harmony and humanity with established disciplines such as  science, economics, sociology into an integrated and practical whole that offers real tools for a healthy happy and fulfilled life, complete with spiritual understanding.

Born into a family of philosophers and rulers in India and, having undergone the best education in India and Europe, Dr Svami Purna later renounced title and position, material wealth and comfort in pursuit of higher spiritual values through true experience.  He willingly accepted a life of exceptional hardship and austerities, living among the caves, forests and snowy peaks of the Himalayas for many years. From this journey he emerged having acquired the 'Fullness of Wisdom' as one of the greatest spiritual leaders of our time.  His title ‘purna’ a Sanskrit term meaning complete, reflects unique spiritual achievement in all its manifold aspects.

His Holiness Sri Svami R. Anand Giri Purna, Acarya Mahamandalesvara was inspired to establish an organization to disseminate the message of responsibility for self and positivity in action through seva or service  around the world for the benefit of humanity. WSS and its sister organisations were founded.